Every day, all of july

From 12.00 - 19.00

ARTIJULI (“Art in July / Fun in July) is a month-long international art festival at Kråkeslottet (“The Crow’s Castle”) in the village of Bøvær, on Senja island.

Come to the outer limits of Senja island! The Crow’s Castle was once an old fish factory, now converted into a cultural centre.  There is a café which serves extraordinary pastries and coffee made the old-fashioned way. And soup as well as homemade bread. On the weekends there might a live concert. Activities for kids! 


From Augustin Rebetez exhibition in 2012


Festival description

Art Festival Artijuli is a venue for international contemporary art in a spectacular setting. The artists produce work amongst snow-capped mountains, and fall asleep to the sound of the green waves of the Norwegian Sea. By offering longer periods to work on site, we hope to nurture a new dynamic in their creative processes, inspired by local culture, our unique architecture, and raw nature.

And then, of course, we show the work. Northern Norway is a vast region with a relatively dispersed population, and there are relatively few exhibition spaces outside the biggest towns and cities. Artijuli aims to give people from all walks of life and from all over the region and opportunity to be moved by new visual art, and in many cases to meet the artists themselves.



The Crow’s Castle is a labyrinthine structure built over the open ocean at the end of a dramatic ‘finger’ of land. The building evolved informally over a long period and has been shaped by the fishing culture that dominates the region’s economic and social history. The exhibitions utilise both interior and exterior spaces, bringing visitors on a journey through the building and surrounding grounds. You can also enjoy coffee, cake and intimate concerts surrounded by artwork made specifically for these spaces and shown to the public for the first time.

We hope that ARTIJULI attracts both locals and visitors to our remote outpost by the sea, from seasoned art-lovers to those who might be experiencing contemporary visual art for the first time.

Read more about Kråkeslottet here:

Cafe: Cakes, grandma`s coffe pot and home made bread!

We are focusing on essentials; - cakes! If your tummy needs more, we can offer an awsome soupe and homemade bread. Standard coffee from a pot allows nostalgia to enter.

Our pride is home made. So is our variety of cakes. We can offer Citrus cake a , Porter cake made from rich stout and succulent chocolate,
Carrot cake tasting of a whole garden.

We do not serve alcohol, but cold, non-alcoholic brew tastes perfect on a warm summer day.

Program 2022

OFFICIAL OPENING 02 July (exhibitions are open from 1. July)

18:00 Official opening, presentation of artists (Free entrance)
19:00 Talk with photographer Grete Kvaal and Karen Anna Nilsdatter Lodgje Gaup about the exhibition "All my raindeer I know" (Free entrance) 
20:00 Consert. Classic. Piano quartet (150 kr) 

And then: Pub evening         

EXHIBTIONS, open every day 12:00-19:00 (Entrance: 50 kr) 

Grete Andrea Kvaal, Tromsø: "Alle mine rein kjenner jeg". Photography / Film
Benedetta Umbaldini, Italy. Sculpture 
Sarah Corbett, England. Installation.
Kunstnerkollektivet Kypros: "The Fredriksen Commission Not". Painting / installation. Triptykon. 


* ALLE MINE REIN KJENNER JEG. Documentary. Grethe Kvaal with Ánne Kátjá Nilsdatter Gaup.
* PIANO TRANSFORMED. Music video. Location: The old grafite work at Skaland. Kjetil Husebø, Aksel Adrian, Henrik Nordahl
* THE DINNER OF THE LONELY MAN. Animation. August Rebetez


02. July 20:00 : Classic. Piano quartet. 150 kr
16. July 19:00 : Konradsen. 200 kr
30. July 19:00: Ane Bjerkan. 150 kr


From the archives


2016: Valentin Manz: "Dinner with the angsthase family"